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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this episode was to sit an online standardised test in optimal conditions is shared learning environment.

Twice a year we sit a series of standardised tests called PAT. The test results are used by the teachers and the school, but also the Ministry and the Woolf Fisher research group. This means we need to make sure that our students are sitting the tests in optimal conditions.

The tests are taken online on their chromebooks, and require a unique log in code. This video shows how we set this up across three classes in a shared learning environment.

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Over the years we have learned a lot, such as the trick of staggering the chromebooks connecting to the internet. However, it still takes too long. We need to find away of streamlining the instructions, to logging in, to testing without taking so much time. As the students have been sitting quietly for too long before they even start the test.

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    • We print of the "tokens" (student log in keys) prior to the test, and hand them out during the roll.

    • We provide a link to the test directly from our class site.

    • We use Hapara Teacher dashboard to monitor the tabs of the students - although we only check this sporadically, and prefer to physically roam around the room.

    • We use Google's timer on our Tv and projector screens to help students monitor their time left on the test.


Google Timer


Hapara Teacher Dashboard


Printed out tokens

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