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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to develop and respond to ideas with others to create drama. In this case a short film for the Manaiakalani Film Festival.

The Manaiakalani Film Festival is an annual event where each Class and Teacher from all the Manaiakalani Schools present their own short film. It is screened at Slyvia Park Hoyts, on the Extreme Screen.

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The tips and tricks I recommend in this video were crucial for my own success this year. Without the being able to film the majority of this movie in the classroom it would have been far more difficult to complete. The music recording process ending up being very time consuming.

Things to note

This episode is a more behind the scenes look at how I film and plan a film festival movie, than a traditional Class OnAir episode. However there is a section at [1.08] that shows how I direct the students while filming.

The end product this film will not be released until after it has screened at the Maniakalani Film Festival in Term 4 of 2019. It will be available on my class blog after that.

Class Site Content

Walt: perform drama within a short film context.


  1. Listen to the teachers instructions.

  2. Practice and refine our lines and parts.

  3. Record with the teacher.


Story Boarding Basics


Planning your Movie


Free Audio and backing tracks

Learner Generated Content




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