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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to identify features of the rocky shore.

We have been studying the Rocky shore, and today we visited the beach to see if we could identify the different zones, as well as the creatures within them. We used the internet in a box to connect to our chromebooks from the rocky shore itself.

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While it was fun, engaging, and real. This lesson was spontaneous and because of that there were elements that weren't as strong as they could have been. Had the trip been planned better we could have had a more focussed intention, and perhaps increased the scientific nature of the trip by giving the students something to investigate, rather than simply 'explore'. All in all it was lots of fun, and really cool to bring the learning that we had been doing to life. We have every intention to visit the beach again before this unit is over, so we talked about "scouting the best spots", to later bring the whole class.

Things to note

Over half my class were invited on a trip to the museum, so I spontaneously decided to take the remainder to the beach to see if we could spot some of the things we have been studying. The area that we went to could more accurately be described as a sandy or muddy shore which is a bit different, but we hadn't covered it yet so I decided it didn't matter.

I was trying out a new camera, hence the movie is filmed in a Vlog style form, which was lots of fun.

The 'internet in a box' enabled us to connect to wifi remotely, and use our chromebooks at the beach.

Class Site Content

Walt: identify features of the rocky shore.


  1. Listen to the teachers instructions.

  2. Follow the teacher to the beach.

  3. Explore the beach and take note of:

    • The different creatures from the rocky shore

    • The different zones of the rocky shore

    • Create a presentation about what you saw/ experienced


Guide to the Rocky Shore


Zones of the Rocky Shore


Creatures of the Rocky Shore

Learner Generated Content

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