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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to make connections while reading a text. I chose a text that I knew all the students could easily make connections to. Having just written our own camp reflection/ highlights, I thought it would be really interesting for the kids to read the same piece of writing from previous Year 6 students.

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I thought for the most part this lesson worked really well. At least the small group lessons went really well. I felt that in the past when we practiced "making connections" there was very little connections made, however these texts were so relevant and easy for the kids to make connections with that they did this really well.

Things to note

As you probably picked up from the video the "ka-kawwww" noise is soundbite for matching the audio recorded on the phone to the camera, during the editing process.

This lesson followed on from a writing lesson, where the kids wrote a very similar text to which they read.

Class Site Content

Walt: make connections with our own experience as we read the text.


  1. Read the text with your teacher.

  2. Re-read the text on your own.

  3. Complete the follow up activities or readings below.

  4. Share them on your blog.




Learner Generated Content

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