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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for my Owls reading group to show their understanding of the story we were reading, 'Going to the Beach' by Jackie Tidey.

This video shows my micro-group of 3 students discussing, reading and being introduced to their follow-up task, specifically designed to engage them and meet the learning intention of showing their understanding of the text.

Extended Lesson Plan


I love the engagement from this group and the oral language that they share so enthusiastically. This is a group that is struggling to make gains in alphabet knowledge and high frequency word recognition, and so while many of my lessons do focus on those sounds and words, I endeavour to make planning for engagement a high priority in my teaching of this group. I am mindful that if the boys aren't enjoying themselves and their learning experience, it will be even harder to get them to put the required effort into improving their word knowledge.

This group works really well together, and supported each other in the more technical skills required to complete their task effectively, such as using the Copy and Paste tools on the iPad, which is a lovely Key Competency building opportunity for them.

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