Cows - The Valley of the Giant

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for my Reading group 'The Cows' to look closely at the middle letter sounds in words, particularly the vowel sounds.

The video shows the group being introduced to the text as well as some of our guided reading session, before the camera switched itself off. There is also some audio from the discussion we had towards the end of the lesson.

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was a lot of fun to take. The children enjoyed the silliness of the story and we had a good discussion around the characters and their silly choices in the story. I think the characters of a giant spider, some silly frogs and a dog, helped to keep the children's engagement throughout the lesson.

The independent work completed and blogged by the students is a little hit and miss, but is a reflection of their capability when left to tasks independently. I would love to have the time in my day to sit with them and help them complete these to their fullest.

Things to Note

The camera turned off halfway through the lesson, so there was a lot more discussion that you can't see as we went through the text. Also, as we have recently regrouped in our space, this is a fairly new group and some children are more comfortable and familiar with me than are others.

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