Cats, Kiwis, Bears and Trolls!.mov

Direct Instruction

This lesson shows two of my Reading groups 'The Cats' and 'The Kiwis', discussing the story of 'The Bear and the Trolls' which they learn they are to perform as a play to their peers.

The text is at the Silver level, and my groups are Emerald and Silver in ability.

I thought it would be fun to revisit this group, and see how far they have come since we put on our first 'Cats Play' in Term 1.

Extended Lesson Plan


We are doing our school Inquiry on drama and dance (with a particular focus on drama in our team), this term. Many of the children in this group have also enjoyed the experience of being a part of the school production 'The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue' at the end of term 3.

This meant that some children were very confident and strong performers leading into this experience. They were fantastic role models for the other children to spring off. Given the age of the children and their prior experience, I am happy with our end result. Lots of learning was had! There are many further learning experiences available to the children through performing in plays, and I am keen to attempt another one with this group before the end of the year. I would particularly like to focus on awareness of the audience (eg. not turning our backs to them), volume, and the ability to both move and talk at the same time!

Our Play!

We were lucky to be welcomed into Room 17, which is a Year 1 class at our school.

They were an amazing audience and gave us wonderful feedback on our performances!

Here is a video we made showing our performance.

Performing Cats and

Learner Generated Content

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