Sea Creatures and Smart

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The learning intention for this lesson is for the children to ask questions, by first finding out information and then thinking about what they still don't know. With our questions in mind, we are learning to 'Smart Search' on our iPads to find the answers.

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This was perhaps an ambitious lesson, but I am happy that I have attempted it. All the students have accessed it to the best of their abilities. I have one student in particular who asks whenever he senses a spare minute, if he can finish off his Inquiry EE. I love the depth of thinking evident as he explores the possible questions and refines them down to the best possible questions he can ask to achieve his desired answers.

There are a lot of fundamental, important skills that the children require to complete this task to the ideal standard. I am happy that all children are attempting to engage with vocabulary that many of them find quite difficult. The ‘record’ function on their iPads really is a valuable tool for getting every child to voice their ideas and participate.

Having said that, not every child completed every page of the task - nor did I expect them to. When they were individually past (or over) it, they were encouraged to show their learning through the tool of Scratch Junior. This is a great way for them to put an individual stamp on their learning as it can be a very creative outlet. Audio recordings to explain their thinking were again strongly encouraged during this exercise.

On the whole, my class and I have been loving our topic for the term. Even when we are past studying ‘The Living World’ officially, I think the realm of living creatures is one that provokes strong engagement from the children and I will endeavour to keep supplying them with more relevant material on this topic during literacy lessons for some time to come!

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Explain Everything Activity - A follow-up activity to this lesson, to reinforce the concepts we explored.

(This was created using a resource I downloaded from the site )

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