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We are learning to describe in detail the setting of our story. We think about what do I see, hear, smell and feel.

The focus of this lesson was for children to discuss the setting of the story and learn new words that will help them to do this.

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This lesson went very well the learners were engaged and made great connects to pervious learning. It was a small group as I do not have many learners at this level at the moment and one learner was away today. I could see that the students are now making connections to our pervious learning and that is very positive. I do feel like I could have been more creative with the delivery but I felt the conversation was so productive and interesting for the kids, so it remained the focus.

Things to note

The camera angle was not great.

Class Site Content


  • Describe in detail the setting of my story

  • Think about what do I see, hear, smell and feel



Watch the video to see how Waikato are dealing with a pest fish problem.


Read the story, focus on the setting and how in impacts the story.

Explain Everything Settings

Take pictures and record details about the setting in the story. Include similes in your description.


Explain Everything


Explain Everything Activity

Created by Clarelle Carruthers and Christine Eadie

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