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Direct Instruction

We are learning to understanding that story have a sequence and listen and write the descriptive words that make our stories interesting.

The focus of this lesson was understanding sequencing and learning new words through gifting. I wanted the children to be repeating the words and talking about what the ideas they were hearing.

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This lesson had it's ups and downs and I think that pace was probably the biggest challenge. The learners liked the context of fairy tales and enjoyed the twist in our dictation that saw the Grandma saving the day. I found that the ability to self pace the writing speed through dictation and have the teacher support built into the dictation allowed me to provide additional support to those who needed it most.

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  • We are learning to sequence ideas to form a story.

  • We will listen carefully to the dictation to form sentences and then write them into our books.

  • We are learning new descriptive words to use in our stories.



Watch the two videos and talk about the different stories of Little Red Riding Hood. Discuss the sequence of events in the stories and the descriptive words that we can use.

Explain Everything Dictation

Listen to the story and write what you hear. The descriptive words are given to help you.


Explain Everything Dictation

Learner Generated Content

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