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Direct Instruction

We are learning to code a conversation between two characters. The characters will describe each others in positive and kind ways.

The focus of this lesson is understanding the processes of using ScratchJr and link this back to the literacy learning we have been doing about describing characters. It was taught in Pink Shirt Week, I also wanted to highlight the way we can positively support and complement people.

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The children loved creating using Scratch to create a small animation. The discussion focussed on the ideas of characters and positivity. The children had lots of great ideas and it was lovely hearing them. They responded well to the modelling and the example. I would have liked to have used more opportunities for turn and talk. I also think they could have been pushed further with their coding.

Things to note

At the beginning of the lesson you will hear our lion sound. This is used to help me put the audio clip together, the children love doing this.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning to code a conversation between two character.

  • We are learning to make characters describe each other in positive and kind ways.



As a class discuss the learning intentions and what we know about characters descriptions.


Talk about how this links to our school values of kindness.


Talk about how this links to our quality blog comments.

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