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Direct Instruction

The Learning intentions for this lesson were to form and express our own opinions about texts and to find evidence in the text to support agree or disagree statements.

This video shows a sequence of learning throughout the week. We had three connected activities look at how we can develop our knowledge from texts and use this to form and express our opinions.

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There were elements of this lesson that went really well and elements I would definitely change if I was to do this again. The boys really enjoyed the topic and work well together. I noticed watching the video that I repeated myself often and over used the work ok. The boys got really excited about writing what they had found out on the table and while this gave them a great opportunity to connect with the text it took a lot of time and limited the time in our first lesson to share back. The boys really enjoyed working collaboratively and they had a lot of fun sharing their ideas and debating the questions I gave them. I wish I had taken more time to record and explore the questions they came up with during the lesson and these could have provided a great opportunity for sourcing their own texts.

Things to note

The second part of the lesson was filmed in a breakout space with this group on my release time from the class. The curtain is not the ideal backdrop but it stopped the light from reflecting on the camera screen.

Class Site Content


  • Form and express our own opinions about texts.

  • Find evidence in the text to support agree or disagree statements.



Watch the video to learn more about the sun and the moon.

Videos about Mars

Watch the video to learn about the environment in Mar and consider if you want to live there.


Read both texts and consider what you found out about the sun and moon and share this with your group.

Reading activities (Explain Everything)

Complete the activities by agreeing or disagreeing with the statements, sharing your thoughts and opinions on a topic and create your own planet and describe it.

Text-Cool facts about a hot place


Video about Mars

Agree or Disagree

Discussion Activity

My what if planet

Learner Generated Content

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