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Direct Instruction

The Learning intention for this lesson was learning to read a recount and explaining what makes it a good recount.

This is the beginning of the lesson sequence. The boys are engaging with the text for the first time and we are exploring the descriptive language in the orientation. The piece of writing was kindly shared by Kiarah who is now a year 5 students at our school.

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The boys were very engaged with the text and loved reading a recount that connected to the writing they were doing in class. They enjoyed identifying the descriptive language and it was great to see them excited about the piece of writing. I noticed in the video that I did a lot of repeating of their ideas which was not needed with such a small group. I am aware that I was still doing a lot of talking and I could cut this back even more. I noticed in the video that I monitored behaviour more than needed this is a reflection of a wider classroom need and I need to make sure I am focused on what is happening right in the moment.

Things to note

It would have been nice to have another camera angle and for the iPad screens to be clearer in the video. One of the learners in the group was unable to complete his activity due to a technical issue with his iPad.

Class Site Content


  • Read a recount and explain what makes it a good recount.



Watch the video to find out about descriptive words.


Use the image to help you add detail to the sentences provided.

Rewindable learning video

Watch the video we created during the lesson to help you remember what a smilie is and what descriptive language we discussed.

Reading activity (Explain Everything)

Complete the activity but identifying the descriptive language, writing descriptive sentences and creating your writing goals for the week.

Rewindable learning

Reading Activity


Learner Generated Content

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