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Direct Instruction

The learning intentions for this lesson was we are learning to write positive thoughtful and helpful blog comments.

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The children had a lot to say about the movies they watched. They enjoyed writing comments and could all say positive things and ask questions. I found the level to concentration in was lower than normal due to the overall excited was high for the film festival tomorrow. Reflecting on my teaching I noticed I repeated myself more than I would have liked.

Thing to note:

I tried something new with the camera today with moving it to each child. I am not sure this had effect I wanted.

Class Site Content


  • Write positive, thoughtful, helpful comments that have specific details about what we have watched.


Explain Everything

Create a new Explain Everything write some ideas for positive, thoughtful, helpful. On the following pages add a screen shot of each movie you want to comment on and write you comment.


Copy and paste your comment onto the post blog about the movie.

Slide Presentation

Film festival commenting

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