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Direct Instruction

The learning intentions for this lesson is we are learning to reflect on the filming process and explain how we feel and why.

In this lesson learners are learning to record detailed reflections of parts of the filming process. They are learning to use visual language (pictures of their face) to show how they felt at each stage.

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This video explains some of the process I went through as a teacher when creating a film festival movie.

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The children liked the making of emojis to show their feelings. They found it easy to write about their own ideas, feelings and emotions which was great. We started to discuss the idea what not everyone see facial expressions as the same but I would have liked to have pushed this ideas even further. I think the idea worked well and is one I will use in the future. Due to the time of term and the group of children the lesson felt rushed, however I do feel it was valuable.

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  • We are learning about prepositions and starting sentences with prepositional noun groups.



Watch yourself in a short part of the film. Explain how you felt seeing your acting and why.

Explain Everything

Complete the activity with picture of your faces showing each emotion you felt and a detailed explanation of your feelings and why you felt that way.

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