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The learning intentions for this lesson is we are learning to write prepositions and starting sentences with prepositional noun groups.

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Overall I feel this lesson was very valuable to the learners. Watching it back I noticed the amount of modelling time was larger than I feel is ideal. I want to work on trying to engage more learners through making the modelling more guided and providing opportunity for all learners to be involved in this process. I really enjoyed the sharing back and seeing the value it added to the learners who listen to others ideas. I also found the collaboration between learner in this writing process so valuable.

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  • We are learning about prepositions and starting sentences with prepositional noun groups.



Listen to the story and talk about the prepositions in the book.


Write a sentence together starting with a prepositional noun group.

Explain Everything

Write the prepositions and then write a sentence for each of the picture.

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