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Direct Instruction

The learning intentions for this lesson were: learning to write a clear orientation; and learning to include descriptive language in our writing to engage our audience.

The video is a lesson in the middle of the writing process in which we revisit the elements of a recount. Students also share where they are up to and get feedback from their peers around their use of descriptive language.

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The kids really enjoyed hearing Jabal and Afaufu’s Stories and provided some great positive feedback for them and as a result I saw more descriptive language in their own stories. I used a lot of questioning to develop children’s understanding about the structure of a recount. I noticed that I was talking a lot and need to think about ways to get the kids talking to each other more, pair share or talking circles might work. I also used repetition of key ideas a lot and think I could be getting the kids to do this more.

Things to note

In the video you can hear a dinging sound from my keys, I have a habit of wearing my keys all the time however I noticed watching the video back that these made noise as they were close to the microphone. I noticed after filming that with such a large group some students were out of shot. I also think another camera would allow for more of the focus to be on the kids. I need to use an addition microphone when working with such a large group to make sure I can capture the student voices.

Class Site Content


  • Write a clear orientation.

  • Include descriptive language in our writing to engage our audience.



Complete the experience with your teacher before you start. You can watch the video of our experience to help you with your writing.

Word Wall

Use what you learned in the experience to co-construct the word wall with descriptive language.


Watch the Lava video, think about what the Lava looks like and what it is doing.

Explain Everything

Insert the picture from our experience and use time connectives to help you structure your writing. Use the sample Explain Everything to type up, record, and publish your writing.

The Floor is Lava

Word Wall

Writing Template


Learner Generated Content


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