Nicola Wells

Secondary - Biology

Tamaki College

Kia ora and welcome to my Google Class OnAir site.

I teach science and biology at Tamaki College, in Auckland, New Zealand. My learners are aged 13 to 18, and Tamaki College is a digital learning environment where students use their own Chromebook as their basic learning tool.

The class that I began filming with was a small Year 13 class of only nine learners, all of whom took Year 12 Biology in 2015. They are hard working, friendly and very fun to teach! They ask a lot of questions and want to succeed. They are a diverse mix of Maori, Tongan, Samoan and Cook Islanders, with different learning needs and styles. Many of them are aware of how they prefer to learn.

In Term 4 I filmed with a much larger class of 28 Year 9 students, many of whom arrived at the start of this year from Manaiakalani Primary Schools in our cluster. The classroom dynamics, learning, and my own teaching practice varies greatly between the two year levels and it has been incredibly interesting and rewarding to observe this during editing, and reflect on it for this Class OnAir project.

I hope this window into my classroom acts as a useful resource for anyone beginning their digital 1:1 teaching journey.


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