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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to learn about how magnets can repel and attract to different objects.

The video shows children participating in a hands on practical activity that encourages Scientific Inquiry.

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On reflection I have observed how much the children in my class have enjoyed using magnets to discover their magnetic properties. They have been able to make predictions and then investigate which objects are magnetic.

Things to note

Use a range of objects that can be found around the classroom and then encourage small group work and an opportunity to explore which of these are magnetic. Follow up with a worksheet or activity that allows an Inquiry approach to this learning objective.

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Learning Intention

For children to name different objects that are magnetic and use new vocabulary to identify their properties.


Use your magnets to hold near a range of objects listed on your worksheet. Talk to your buddy and make a prediction about whether you think it is magnetic or not?

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