Episode 12 - Pūnaha o te Ao Jenga.mp4

Direct Instruction / Te Akoranga

The learning intentions for this lesson was for the students to understand that Earth's four spheres are interconnected.

Ko te tino whainga o te akoranga nei kia whai māramatanga ngā akonga ki te hononga i waenga i ngā pūnaha e wha o te Ao

This video shows us playing a game of Jenga. The Jenga pieces have pictures that represent the four spheres (used in the previous episode), we play and it does comes crashing down. The discussion we have following this explore how the spheres are connected and what happens if one of them falls.

E whakaatu ana tēnei kiriata i a mātou e takaro ana i te kēmu "takataka rākau" (Jenga). He piktia i ngā rākau e whakaatu ana i ngā wāhanga rerekē o ngā pūnaha e wha o te Ao. Ka takaro mātou, ka taka te whare rākau, kātahi mātou ka kōrero mō ngā honongā ki waenga i ngā pūnaha e wha, me te pānga ki te hinga tētahi.

Extended plan here / Māhere ako

Reflection / Arotake

I found this activity to have a lot of impact. It helps that they all really enjoy playing this game, but giving them the context that "this is the Earth and the 4 spheres" and seeing it fall apart was exactly what I was going for. It took a bit of coaxing for the kind of language to use to describe the collapse of sphere and the affect it has but I do believe they got there in the end.

Things to note

I did this same lesson with another group the day before and it didn't have the same effect because we played on the ground and use all the Jenga sticks. Using the table made it easier to play but it was also a preferable way to have discussion with them, the eye level makes a difference in my opinion.

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