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This term, we have been studying various types of art and with Christmas nearly upon us, we thought it would be fun to create a piece of artwork to share with someone special in our lives. Our class created ornaments with a special person in mind using our school laser printer.

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Reflection: This was a very easy lesson to implement at this time of the school year and the students really enjoyed having something practical to create and then pass along to someone special. I really enjoyed being able to have an opportunity for my class to use the laser cutter for the first time. The hardest part was getting the ornaments cut in a timely manner because I had to schedule in the time to use the machine with the teacher that looks after the machine.

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WALT: create meaningful art for a special someone.

Laser Cutter Christmas Ornaments

Wouldn't it be fun to design your very own Christmas present! Let's have some fun and see what you can come up with!

LEARN: Spend some time planning for the person you want to present your Christmas ornament to. Using the slide deck to the right, work your way through the planning process before beginning your design.

CREATE: Once you have completed your planning slides, create a silhouette image on Google Drawing. Be sure to include a small hole for the ribbon to go through. Once your ornament is cut out, you will be given the option to paint it in class.

SHARE: Share your planning and a picture of your ornament on your blog before we have it on display for our school Art Expo. Lastly, you will be able to share it with your someone special as a Christmas gift.

Lazer Cutting Ornaments

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